About to go to BBQ heaven

Eeeek! Those who know me generally know that a) I’m a total carnivore and b) I love smoked, slow cooked Texan (or – any American) style BBQ. So you may be able to understand my excitement now that I have this little baby in my hands. We were at Costco and all cookbooks were an additional 25% off so I wandered over and then (nekminnit) my husband hands me this. My heart literally skipped a beat. Continue Reading ›

Wannabe Burger Blogger at The Burger Bar

I am not even ashamed to confess that I love burgers. Love love love them. Almost (almost) as much as pizza…but we’ll get to that!!). I actually have lofty ideas of a blog dedicated solely to burgers – one day!

So when we go to eat burgers out I’m pretty fussy (haha are you senseing a theme?). We’ve been to The Burger Bar at Mooloolaba a few times now (like 5-7) and have never been disappointed. Tonight was no exception. Continue Reading ›

Sticky Pork tacos with all sorts of yum!

Yum yum yum! This combination of flavours includes some of my absolute favourites.

I follow a fab food blog Pinch of Yum and in my emails last week I had a couple of yummy things pop up.
First came the recipe for Caramelised Pork Tacos and then a few days later this Avocado and Coriander (Cilantro in other places of the world) dressing/sauce landed in my inbox too – and I’m thinking ooohh… they would go so well together and I needed an excuse to make more Chipotle Mayo which I knew would be a perfect accompaniment. So last Thursday I was determined to make the creations and include some other of my favourite yums as well.

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UnFussy Chicken & Pesto Pasta

So today is one of those days I need to accept my limitations. Work is full-on, hubby is working away, kids are busy and I’m exhausted. So suffice it to say, dinner tonight is a bit Unfussy.
It is also not particularly ground-breaking in terms of technique, ingredients… well… anything really but as I was standing stirring the chicken in the pan and staring into space it occurred to me that others probably feel a bit like I do sometimes and that making a grand culinary masterpiece on a Tuesday night isn’t really in everyone’s repertoire so here we go…

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OMG Delish Sticky Pork Spareribs

I drove past our local butcher (where I must confess… I rarely shop…) on Tuesday and saw a special on pork spare ribs; ‘must remember to go back and get those at some point’ I thought and wow, I did remember!
Yesterday was my day off work so I knew I could dedicate a bit of time to marinating and preparation so I bought 2kg of the ribs. Now to find a recipe – originally I thought I’d do them American BBQ style however I have done a lot of those flavours lately. The other flavours that (to me) goes beautifully with pork are Asian. I did a quick search and came across Donna Hay’s Sticky Pork Spare Ribs… that’ll work. I bought 2kg of the ribs but just wanted to try this on half (maybe the others will get the American BBQ treatment after all!) so I halved the original recipe’s quantities. Continue Reading ›

Beef Brisket and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Wow what a week! I haven’t blogged many (um… any) meals this week as it really has just been me and the kids home. My husband has recently started travelling for work and he is away the first half of each week so I really only get to cook up on the weekends.

I met a friend at Costco on Wednesday and saw a big bit of beef that would do well slow cooked and turned into brisket – I couldn’t wait until Saturday!

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Pumpkin and Parmesan Ravioli

We’ve recently discovered how easy-peasy making our own pasta is. I’ve had it in my mind for ages that I want to do spinach and ricotta tortellini. My husband had been away on (his first!) business trip so I wanted to have something awesome ready for him when he came home. Well… as they say… best laid plans! Continue Reading ›