Beef Brisket and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Beef Brisket and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Wow what a week! I haven’t blogged many (um… any) meals this week as it really has just been me and the kids home. My husband has recently started travelling for work and he is away the first half of each week so I really only get to cook up on the weekends.

I met a friend at Costco on Wednesday and saw a big bit of beef that would do well slow cooked and turned into brisket – I couldn’t wait until Saturday!

I was using the recipe/method from the Texas BBQ cookbook which I absolutely LOVE (the Bourbon BBQ sauce is from here too). The first thing I did was on Friday night when I prepared the meat with the ‘real Texas rub’ which is just salt and pepper.

Note – my meat was 2.6kg/5.7lb

So step one:

1. Grind 50g salt and 50g pepper and rub over the meat. Wrap the meat tightly in glad wrap and place in the fridge preferably overnight. Take it out about an hour or so before cooking so that it is room temperature.

Meat rubbed and ready to cook.
Meat rubbed and ready to cook.

2. Prepare the bbq – we don’t have an awesome purpose-build indirect heat bbq so we use the Webber and prepare that for indirect heat. This means we really only use one side of coals. We also soak some hickory wood chips to add smoke to the cook.

One side of the coals in the Webber.
One side of the coals in the Webber.
Hickory wood chips... mmmmm.
Hickory wood chips… mmmmm.

Once the heat was on (approx 115 degrees C/240F) I put the meat into a roasting pan and in it went. I had calculated that this piece would need 2.5 hours based on 1 hr per 500g of meat.

Then… we wait! In the mean time I prepared the sides, we had mashed sweet potato, mixed greens (leek, spinach & peas – great greens mix from Jamie Oliver – chop 200g leeks into pieces and place into saucepan with melted butter, cook until soft and then add 200g spinach and 200g frozen peas and cook with the lid on until all cooked – stirring when needed) and cornbread. I’ll have to do this recipe separately – it is amazing!

After two hours of cooking (or about half the cooking time) we took the meat out and it looked amazing but was still very wobbly/soft in the centre.

After two hours.
After two hours.

Wrap the meat in foil at this point and then put back on the bbq. Leave it for the rest of the cooking time or until the internal temp reaches about 80 degrees – ours was 81 and it was a touch overdone. The recipe we were following said leave until 85 – I’m glad we didn’t. For the last 15 min we took the foil off and put it back in ‘naked’ so the bark could crisp up a bit.

At last it was done – and omg… so good!

All done...
All done…
Carving the brisket.
Carving the brisket. Look at that smoke ring!








As I said it was a touch overdone – but the flavours were amazing and I had two types of BBQ sauces to serve with – one was the Bourbon BBQ sauce…

Bourbon BBQ Sauce

  1. Sauté 1 onion and 3 cloves of garlic in butter until soft
  2. Add 200ml/3/4 cup bourbon and simmer for 2-3 min
  3. Add 200ml/3/4 cup tomato passata sauce or strained tomatoes and 1/2 cup brown sugar and combine
  4. Add 1 chopped dried ancho chilli or other chills of your choice (or ancho powder would work)
  5. Combine and simmer for about 10 min.
  6. Blend in food processor or thermomix until smooth sauce and keep warm until the brisket is ready.
Bourbon BBQ sauce.
Bourbon BBQ sauce.

So really you can add any sauces and sides you like – the secret is to cook it low and slow – not too hot and don’t rush it!

Brisket, sauces and sides
Brisket, sauces and sides.

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