Lunch box quiche

Lunch box quiche

My kids went back to school this week after being on holidays for three weeks. I have not missed having to have lunch box items on hand! My two are not all that fond of sandwiches so I have tried to do a few different things that are also freezeable and easy to prepare in bulk.

Usually when I prepare these quiches I get out a large glass and cut out round pastry pieces but the other night I wanted to keep it simple. It was late and I was hungry myself which promted this particular cook! This time I just cut my large pastry sheet into 9 squares – two cuts each way and I was done – so much quicker!


When I pushed the pastry squares into the muffin tray I just pulled the pasty up on the sides – the ready-made stuff is thick enough to do that.

Then I mixed a few eggs (4 this time) in a bowl with some milk – sorry I can’t give quantities right now as I didn’t measure but I’d say half and half egg and milk. Usually I’d use a bit of cream too but there wasn’t any that this time around. Season with a bit of salt & pepper.

I had cooked some rashers of bacon. I used some American-style streaky bacon which crisps up so I really did just crumble it into each muffin pan but often I’ll cut up traditional bacon rashers before cooking – or just some chopped ham works too.

Then just fill each muffin pan with egg mix. If you like you can sprinkle a bit of cheese on the top of each one.

Cook on about 180/200C for 15-20 min or until the egg mix is set.


Allow to cool and if they make it… freeze. Then they are ready to go into lunch boxes all week.

This post originally appeared on 21 July 2015 and has been reposted in my new blog here.

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