Wannabe Burger Blogger at The Burger Bar

Wannabe Burger Blogger at The Burger Bar

I am not even ashamed to confess that I love burgers. Love love love them. Almost (almost) as much as pizza…but we’ll get to that!!). I actually have lofty ideas of a blog dedicated solely to burgers – one day!

So when we go to eat burgers out I’m pretty fussy (haha are you senseing a theme?). We’ve been to The Burger Bar at Mooloolaba a few times now (like 5-7) and have never been disappointed. Tonight was no exception.

We called ahead last minute for a table for five on a Friday night. Not a problem – phew as we walked out of our (far too busy) local pub and we were all hungry (or was it just me – and by this point Hangry?!).

So the food… we ordered a couple of baby burgers (even tho my babies are not actual babies!), a couple of Midnight Delights (mine with modifications of course) and an After Burner. A couple of sides of chips and some Chipotle Mayo topped it all off. Our meals were delivered reasonably quickly, especially as they were pretty much at the peak of service. No orders came out wrong – yay – something that happens to me far too often.

The beef baby burger.
Chips and capote mayo.

What is most evident when first biting into one of these burgers is that is fresh. I actually confirmed this with (owner?) manager Paul tonight – nothing is frozen. Winner!

My personal favourite is the Midnight Delight (minus onion & tomato)!

This oozes fresh and flavour. The Turkish bread is not overwhelming or too big for the pattie (you totally know what I mean right?!). A generous serve of bacon and the lovely melting cheese… and yum! And – the mayo and all sauces are made fresh too… music to my ears. Um… mouth 🙂

The Afterburner
The Afterburner up close – with the Jalapeño chili inside!

Paul was more than happy to stop and chat about the place, his ingredients and processes and also his vision for the future. It is hard to ignore his enthusiasm. He’s a guy who oozes warmth and passion and knowledge and we’re really pleased it is all going well there.

Well done Burger Bar team – we love you ❤️ and yep – we recon you’re right ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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